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Barcelona original 1988 without question barcelona was one of freddie s most ambitious challenging and at once courageous undertakings he regarded it as one of the most rewarding projects of his career and among those of which he was most proud indeed working with montserrat caballé was the realisation of a Cool Nba 08 24 Kobe Bryant Logo Symbol shirt dream he never really expected to come to fruition in july 1986 during an interview for the spanish arts tv programme informe semanal freddie discussed his passion for opera and in particular his love of montserrat caballé s voice the main reason for his visit to barcelona he explained was because he wanted to meet the diva oblivious of his interviewee s penchant for opera the host was suitably taken aback the message however did not go unheard and word got back to montserrat manager jim beach made contact with queen s promoter in spain pino sagliocco to set up a meeting and ultimately freddie s dream became a reality nine months later he finally met up with montserrat at the ritz hotel in barcelona on march 24 1987 and so was born perhaps the most extraordinary collaboration in modern recording history freddie flew into barcelona with jim beach composer arranger mike moran and his personal assistant peter freestone freddie also took with him a tape containing a song he had written especially for the occasion peter freestone they sat down freddie and montserrat were sitting together and the rest of us stood around and for about two or three minutes there was a silence and then freddie turned to montserrat and said well I ve got a song for you shall I play it and that was it that broke the ice mike moran the track was exercises in free love the b side of the great pretender she was amazed wonderful montserrat enthused I shall give it a world premiere in three days time at covent garden there was a moment s silence before she tapped me on the shoulder and announced and you shall play montserrat caballé I walked into the room freddie s hands were so cold and I was very cold too so I thought he is nervous too that is good because when people are nervous that means they are expecting something from the other one so later we stand up from the table and went to the corner of the room to the piano and he was playing and I was beginning to see his ideas we could have gone on for hours and hours and hours when we finished we look at each other and I knew it that he has conquered me one of the greatest divas of our time and one the greatest rock music frontmen spent the remainder of that afternoon singing together with mike moran at the piano in the hotel s garden room on march 29 montserrat was in london for her sold out performance in covent garden freddie was in attendance of course and was by all accounts a quivering wreck true to her word as the final encore of the recital montserrat surprised her audience by announcing a brand new piece entitled exercises in free love written for her by freddie mercury and mike moran the flawless performance evoked a standing ovation from the audience and once again freddie was ecstatic after the recital freddie mike montserrat and brother carlos dined together at freddie s house over dinner montserrat asked freddie if he would write a song about her hometown and of course he agreed discussions continued late into the night despite carlos announcing early on that his sister and he would not be staying long and the two finally left freddie s house at 5 00 a m the next morning during the night freddie montserrat and mike worked on ideas together which would later form the basis of barcelona and the fallen priest mike moran we played everything from aretha franklin to jennifer holliday and montserrat had a go at gospel music like a diva had never done before she felt a wonderful sense of artistic freedom which freddie had brought into her life she said that it was wonderful being with people for whom music was a very natural expression rather than a ritualised process david richards with his dream finally looking like it was coming true freddie set to work preparing the music at a frantic pace everything had to be absolutely perfect for the day when montserrat would come into the studio and sing her parts freddie had told us of a story where she had once stopped singing in the middle of a concert announcing I am very sorry but I cannot continue this orchestra is out of tune and therefore not adequate goodbye this made us very keen to get the best sounds we could freddie insisted on trying out every vocal line and phrase not only his own parts but those of montserrat too imitating her parts in a very high falsetto voice I have never heard before or since a singer with such a vocal range as freddie he had to be in control of every note of the orchestral parts standing over mike at his keyboard with a feverish enthusiasm he would examine and direct every violin part every cello note when they should play and how loudly and when there should be flutes and how high they should play we would then start to slowly and meticulously track on the orchestral parts one instrument at a time at this stage I remember working very hard to make the sampled and synthesized instruments sound as real as possible this was frustrating sometimes as I thought a real orchestra would sound better fred maintained that he couldn t have the same control over the orchestration that way and we could always add real players after the parts had been finalized which we did in the end on one or two tracks and so for weeks the three of us sat in the studio doing this meticulous work until the day when finally it was perfect enough for montserrat to come in and sing her parts but this wasn t enough perfection the studio itself had to be polished cleaned and made ready and freddie made townhouse studios redecorate the ladies toilets just in case she wanted to use them we were nervous that day but everything was ready and went very smoothly montserrat sang the songs brilliantly and turned out to be the nicest and friendliest of people it was obvious that she liked and admired freddie very much the whole vocal session was completed in a couple of hours barcelona the song was recorded in april 1987 and was first performed by freddie and montserrat at the ku club in ibiza on may 30 1987 it was the finale to the worldwide ibiza 92 festival the hugely emotional reception it received from the spanish audience spurred freddie and montserrat to push on with the project and barcelona became a fitting title track to the album which was to follow and a worldwide hit the barcelona album was recorded over an 18 month period between january 1987 and july 1988 at both townhouse studios in london and mountain studios in switzerland and was produced by freddie mike moran and david richards freddie it s so ridiculous when you think about it her and me together but if we have something musically together it doesn t matter what we look like or where we come from I just thought and still think that montserrat is remarkable and has a marvelous voice I was willing just to go on liking it never thinking she d ask me to sing with her it just snowballed at first I thought it was only going to be the one track but then she said let s make an album I thought my god what am I going to do now you just don t turn the super diva down I thought I d better put my money where my mouth is it was such a different thing to do I m glad I did it it was totally un rock n roll and something that really required a lot of discipline I don t know how queen fans will react to this I ll soon find out it s a very hard album to categorise you can t put it under any label can you the worst thing they can call it is rock opera which is so boring in terms of songwriting 1987 88 was something of a prolific period for freddie a number of ideas he began during the barcelona sessions were never finished and those which were underwent significant changes along the road to perfection working titles such as rachmaninov s revenge vocal exercises and freddie s overture gave way to the fallen priest exercises in free love and guide me home and another idea the exotically titled africa by night evolved into all god s people and although far progressed was shelved only to be re worked later by queen for the 1991 innuendo album ultimately in october 1988 the barcelona album emerged as an immensely impressive body of work on october 8 1987 freddie and montserrat appeared together again this time at the huge la nit event on the steps of montjuic castle in barcelona to mark the arrival of the olympic flag from korea in the presence of the king and queen of spain freddie and montserrat performed three tracks barcelona the golden boy and how can I go on from their forthcoming album the event was filmed for television worldwide director gavin taylor working live with no less than 18 cameras on october 10 1988 the barcelona album was released to widely contrasting press reviews for once the music establishment was taken by surprise by the unlikely collaboration and many struggled for things to say but by far the majority were complimentary in spain the album was released three weeks earlier on september 21 and promptly sold 10 000 copies in the first three hours of going on sale it was the first collaboration between a rock star and opera diva but a formula which was to be copied many times in subsequent years in america the barcelona album was released some four years after the original european lp in july 1992 for that album hollywood records repackaged the disc using alternative artwork from the 1992 european cd re issue and most significantly remastered each track thus creating something of a rarity the famous title track single meanwhile was never released in america freddie and montserrat s rock operatic detour reached no 15 in the uk album charts while the single peaked at no 8 captured beautifully by david mallet s promotional video the photograph of freddie being embraced by montserrat on the reverse side of the album sleeve is an image which will endure forever mike moran freddie and montserrat formed a very special bond freddie and I were invited to attend a tribute evening to montserrat at the madrid opera house and I was asked to play ensueño for her it was like an operatic this is your life and all unrehearsed huge luminaries were due to attend di stefano carreras juan pons I was announced and duly went on stage with montserrat and she sang ensueño is freddie here she hissed at me in a stage whisper as we took our bow yes I replied and pointed him out at the end of the show she insisted he be on stage with her it was a tremendous vindication for him like montserrat freddie was deeply respectful of talented people those whom he admired in whatever field he was always ready to accord credit where he felt credit was due and when it was done in reverse when he was the recipient he was delighted montserrat caballé barcelona was an example of the high musical talent of freddie he was not only a popular singer he was a musician that could sit at the piano and compose he discovered a new way to bring different music styles together he is the first and only person to have done this peter freestone he was on cloud nine freddie was up in the sky he didn t need a plane to go home on he was so happy from what I know of freddie one of the biggest greatest moments in his life was when montserrat had come over to london and put down her vocal track for barcelona after they d done it on the way home from the studio I remember freddie turning to me and saying that s it I ve done it I ve got her voice on my music in 1992 barcelona was adopted as the main anthem for the olympic games the single was re issued in august and this time peaked at no 2 freddie and montserrat were to have sung it together at the opening ceremony of the games but of course ultimately montserrat sang it instead with jose carreras barcelona is a truly unique collection it is a greatly underrated piece of work too often overlooked in preference to the more pop orientated in vogue records freddie made in terms of sheer musicality and vocal virtuosity it is unsurpassed it remains a firm favourite among fans and is generally regarded as the freddie mercury showcase a vocal musical and lyrical tour de force in addition to the title track two other songs were issued as singles the golden boy and how can I go on the latter with john deacon on bass www freddiemercury com. 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