Funny Donald Trump Among Us Kinda Sus shirt

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Start going down theseroads that the Funny Donald Trump Among Us Kinda Sus shirt road the term road. Where there’s over a thousandpeople there the meet and greets last along time afterward and that’s okaybecause we got to dish out a hug foreveryone we don’t have time to haveconversations after after the event witha thousand people that that wouldn’twork out just mathematically and becausethis is a mathematics podcast we wedon’t have time I’ve done the math wedon’t have time to meet every singleperson have a full on conversation butwe still like to meet everyone afterwardgive them a hug have a quick hello andmove on with the evening so that’s whatthe the VIP tickets will get folks fromMinneapolis we’re headed to Californiaafter that Los Angeles which does havemore tickets now for those of you whosaid it was sold out they opened up somemore seating it’s the only venue on theentire tour where they’re going to begoing to do that so otherwise get yourtickets while you can we’re also be inSan Diego it’s actually before LosAngeles in San Francisco thanIndianapolis Cincinnati Columbus andCleveland and oh by the way next. Meevery little thing you think that youneed every little thing that’s justfeeding your greed oh I bet that you’llbe fine without mehello everybody welcome to theminimalists podcast where we discusswhat it means to live a meaningful lifewith less I’m Joshua fields Millburn andI’m Ryan Nicodemus and together we arethe minimalist yes we are this episodeis episode number three and today we’regoing to chat about children Ryan whatwhat did you do last weekend man I hadan awesome weekend I went to the hotsprings where to Jerry Johnson and we’reit was it was awesome there were no kidsthere was all adults bathing in the hotsprings uh was pretty relaxing whatabout you that’s awesome and I waschasing Ella around trying to convinceher to put her diaper back on who wouldhave thought that you have to deal witha small child before I did not me um noI for those of you who don’t know Ryanis certainly privy I I accidentallybecame a parent by proxy last year um Mypartner Becca Beck’sshe has a two and a half year olddaughter Ella and

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Funny Donald Trump Among Us Kinda Sus shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Funny Donald Trump Among Us Kinda Sus shirt

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Habitselsewhere obviously but the the personthey pick up their most habits from aregonna be their parents for sure yeah Ithink those boundaries are what areimportant for me because you know I amevery day I’m like asking myself likeokay what what if I had for a Funny Donald Trump Among Us Kinda Sus shirt long timeI put usually like probably like a 30 is60 day time limit on it but likesometimes I come across up especiallylike the junk try still have 1 junkdrawer and it’s important to have a junkdrawer like I got just you know it’s allthat random stuff and what will happenis like as it fills up instead of comingup with a drunk drawer number two I willI will clean that sucker out and I’lltell you like I’ll find stuff in therelike that’s a year old I’m like I eventhink I was gonna need this like littleyou know extra third USB cable orwhatever it may be but but that’s that’show I stay on the on the best path thatI can stay on is is constantly settingit’s sticking by those those boundariesthere are other things that you canimplement to like so I’ve got you knowthis 3030. Ryan and I hit the road we did ahundred cities in ten months webasically donated a year of our livesand and decided to leave behind in eachcity a meetup group because we don’thave any control over it we just we wantwe wanted to leave something behindbecause what would happen is we would goto a city and people come up to usafterward and say that’s great you werehere for an hour or whatever but nowyou’re leaving how do I connect withpeople locally and I would say I don’tknow like ok cupid this whole thing okum that was a bad answer and so it turnsout we we didn’t have a good answer sowe went out and tried to make a goodanswer it’s called minimalist org youcan go there to click on the Bostongroup and it’s a Facebook group and andpeople need one at least once a monthsometimes groups would meet even morefrequently than that and then you’ll getto surround yourself with eitherlike minded people or at leastopen minded people who are willing to besupportive of whatever changes you wantto make in life and it’s not just aboutdecluttering. Value to my lifedoes a serve a purpose can I use it forsomethingdoes it have function or does it justreally bring me joy and that can bemusic that can be artwork and no matterwhat it is I have to be honest withmyself the things that add value to mylife today may not add value tomorrow soyou never get there you don’t own your1000 items or your 100 items and getyour official minimalism certificate noyou keep asking that question does thisadd value to my life and I’m 34 yearsold right now and the things that addvalue to my life now will benot add value when I’m 54 years old andso I have to keep asking that questionlet’s move on to periscope which is alsoat the minimalists at JD rkx asks thefive values in your book minimalism livea meaningful life are healthrelationships passion growth andcontribution if there was a sixth valuewhat would it be you know I’ve beenhaving a ton of fun on periscope thispast month throughout December of 2015and January 2016 we’re doing live eventson periscope Tuesdays with theminimalists Tuesdays
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